Native Union Drop Wireless Charging Pad Kills the Rat Nest

The Native Union Drop Wireless Charging Pad is made for iPhones and other Qi compatible devices, and it’s something everyone can use. Every electronic device comes with a charging cord—it’s just the nature of things. Sometimes all those cords get tangled together into a giant rat’s nest of wires, making it challenging, if not difficult, to not only charge your devices but keep your desk or counter looking clutter free. Where the Drop Wireless Charger works with iPhones and Qi compatible devices, you’ll be able to eliminate many of those wires.

native union’s wireless pad uses silicone tread

The design is innocuous, so the Drop Wireless Charger won’t look out of place, and its aircraft grade aluminum as well as hard-wearing home textiles make it safe for just about any location. One of the biggest challenges of wireless chargers is the buildup of heat. Native Union’s wireless pad uses silicone tread to both keep the device in place and to elevate it slightly, allowing the heat to more fully dissipate. This elevation has the additional benefit of increasing charging speed—on the average, an iPhone will charge 16 minutes faster on the Drop Wireless Charger. Additionally, the Drop Wireless Charger can charge your device through the case (up to 3mm thick). The Drop Wireless Charger comes with a 6.5 foot USB-A to USB-C braided cable.

Removing clutter but keeping accessibility and functionality makes life easier, and that’s what the Native Union Drop Wireless Charging Pad does.

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