Vintage Advantage – NES Classic Edition

In case you haven’t noticed, the original Nintendo is back in full swing. If you need more evidence, just hop over to eBay and try to find the gold Legend of Zelda cartridge for less than $20. Fanning those vintage flames is the highly anticipated NES Classic Edition, also known as “NES Mini”, which combines that old school charm with new school economy.

NES Classic Edition flaunts the same overall profile of the original NES System with one major expection–it’s drastically smaller. Like fit in the palm of your hand smaller. It’s almost as if NES got so carried away with old pop culture trends that they found the shrinking machine from Honey I Shrunk the Kids and voila: NES Classic Edition. The new gaming system also features some upgrades like the ability to quick-save your progress and even the option of switching the visual template. Therefore if you want to add a little extra old to your “old school” you can change the presentation so that you’re playing the game on some crappy pre-HD television screen. And if you truly want to resurrect the past we can track down some Hi-C Ecto Cooler for you to suck down while you blow aliens to smithereens in Contra–whatever helps create that bubble from which you may or may not emerge as a functional adult.

To help sweeten the deal the NES Classic Edition comes with 30 titles so you can relive the 80s all over again without having to pay those eBay premiums. Of course if you simply must have the original gold Zelda cartridge then by all means start bidding. Just don’t try to cram that clunky old cartridge into the miniature slot of the new system because we have a feeling you’ll be disappointed.

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