Nest x Yale Smart Lock is an Ivy League Lock

In a time of smart everything, the Nest x Yale lock could have gotten a degree in home security from an Ivy League school.

Yale has a 177-year history of creating the world’s strongest locks. The company got its start when Linus Yale, inspired by ancient Egyptian locks, came up with the Pin Tumbler Technology. His son, Linus Junior, improved on the design. Today, most locks owe a debt of acknowledgement to this original design.

nest x yale smart ivy league lock

Nest has taken on the project of eliminating all the annoying things about a house by adding in technology to maintain and monitor. A major emphasis for the company is home security, so teaming up with Yale to create a technological and secure lock makes sense.

The Nest x Yale smart lock features a keypad that can hold multiple passcodes—no need to remember to take your keys or to loan out a copy to friends and family. Passcodes can be created and revoked easily. The lock will also alert you on any comings and goings, and you can check to see if the door is locked anytime, anywhere, with your phone, and just as easily lock or unlock it. And when your hands are full, no need to set everything down, just tap the lock and it will secure itself.

The Nest x Yale lock is definitely one smart lock—you’re home security definitely needs it.

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