Never Again Fry Your Phone with the Satechi USB-C Power Meter

No doubt you want to keep your smartphone or MacBook from damage. Unfortunately, it is easy to do damage to a smartphone or notebook by using a counterfeit or poorly-made accessory. A USB-C cable that is wired poorly or draws too much power can instantly fry your laptop or phone. Satechi has come out with a USB-C Power Meter that, not only can show the power usage of the devices that you connect to it, but it can also keep bad cables from destroying your gadgets.

To use Satechi’s Type-C Power Meter, just plug one end into the USB-C port on your MacBook or smartphone and the other plugs into the cable or another accessory that you wish to monitor. This Power Meter can measure the current over time that cables send to and from your devices. The Type-C Power Meter provides four bits of information that can help you determine whether or not a hard drive, external battery, USB cord or charger is safe to use with your laptop, tablet or smartphone.

 satechi usb c power meter real time measurements

Satechi’s Type-C Power Meter gives real-time measurements for current and voltage. With this data, you can easily see if your accessories are drawing too much power from the device. You can use this device to tell if a suspected accessory is counterfeit. If the power usage is much different than what the manufacturer claims, you may have a counterfeit on your hands.

This Power Meter is a great tool for consumers looking to have some peace of mind when it comes to keeping pricey electronics safe.

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