Never Leave Home Without the Chipolo Ultra Thin Wallet Tracker Card

Tech-savvy Chipolo has emerged as one of the foremost names in the nascent Bluetooth item tracking industry. To keep the momentum going, they’ve just unveiled the Chipolo CARD. Touted as the world’s slimmest wallet finder, the card delivers seamless tracking and a full year of life out of a single battery. Slip it into the trusty panel behind where you keep all your other cards, and consider that wallet locatable from there on out.

chipolo ultra thin wallet tracker card front

Naturally, the ultra thin Chipolo CARD is good for more than just your wallet. You can attach or stick the tracking device to a wide range of accommodating gear, gadgets and accessories. You’ll also need to connect the card to the free Chipolo app, which can prompt a 95 dB ring from the tracker when summoned, and remember where you last had the adjoining item.

chipolo wallet tracker card side

In addition to its remarkably slim design and one-year battery life, the Chipolo CARD is water resistant to the tune of IPX5. Buy a card or two and consider yourself insured, whereas it sure as heck beats the cost of losing your wallet.

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