The New Nest E Thermostat is Smart Where You Need It To Be

After six years of wisening up the thermostat sphere, tech brand Nest felt it was time for a new model and more approachable design. The best part about the Nest Thermostat E, however, is that it delivers the same general tier of intelligence at a lower cost. That’s on top of the costs you already save by having it in the first place. Call it Nest’s way of warming homeowner’s up to the benefits of smart home technology.

e thermostat is smart where you need it to be

From the Nest Thermostat E, expect the utmost efficiency paired with a softer design. The thermostat now hosts a subtle, frosted display which blends so well with its surroundings that it practically disappears the further back you go. Meanwhile, the technology itself is as prime as it’s ever been. For instance, should you forget to turn the thermostat down when you’re not home, worry not because the darned thing does that all on its own.

e thermostat smart gadget

Like its predecessor, the Nest Thermostat E is easy to install and seamlessly compatible with your mobile device by way of the Nest app. That means you can receive notifications and control the gadget from basically anywhere on the planet. In fact, the differences between the original Nest and the Nest Thermostat E are practically negligible. Ultimately, you get a new design and most of the original features at a lower cost. Smart, indeed.

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