Nintendo Launches a New Console – The Nintendo Switch

Well if this isn’t the most exciting news of the week! After a fairly lack-luster launch with the Wii U, Nintendo have come out this week with a brand new console, the Nintendo Switch. It’s name is apt as it comes with a controller which you can “switch” out with a portable tablet for home and mobile gaming.

nintendo switch console

The tablet can also be docked into your TV and played like a regular console with a standard wireless controller. Or you can snap the controllers to the side of the tablet to use for gaming on the go… We haven’t finished. You can even prop the tablet up with it’s built in kickstand and use the controller wirelessly. Got a friend to play with? No worries, just given them half of the controller (it splits in two) and they can turn it sideways to play some multiplayer games with you on the tablet.

nintendo switch 6 0

It’s also the first console to buck the trend of disks and go back to the old age of cartridges. Bring on some nostalgia! No specs are out just yet but the console is set to be released in March of 2017.

Check it out

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