No More Worries about Drones with DroneGun Tactical

It was bound to happen, and DroneGun Tactical is the response. With the proliferation of drones in the airways, sooner or later someone was going to figure out a way to bring them down in a safe but effective manner. If you don’t believe that drones have been used for questionable activities, just check out YouTube. You’ll see a growing number of videos showing drones being shot down while peeping through windows, videoing sun bathers, or even scouting homes. Often, those videos end with an irate person pulling out a shotgun or other firearm to blast the drone out of the sky. Given that many of these videos are shot in an urban area, such a practice isn’t just unsafe, it may even be illegal. Plus, when you shoot a drone out of the sky, you destroy the machine. While it may seem like just desserts to the pervy drone operator, you might still be held accountable for the cost of the drone. Also, a destroyed drone doesn’t leave you much evidence to investigate who it belonged to.

dronegun tactical control

DroneGun Tactical blocks frequencies used to control the drone, rendering them harmless and forcing a landing. DroneGun can disrupt multiple RF frequency bands simultaneously, so no need to guess which band the drone is on, and can also disrupt GNSS. The rifle-shaped DroneGun has an integrated battery and has an effective coverage of up to 1km.

Unfortunately, the US FCC has not authorized the DroneGun, thus restricting sales to only government agencies.

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