Nomad’s Ultra-Rugged Cables May Stop a Bullet

Nomad’s ultra-rugged series of cables would be a perfect fit for John McClane or Dominic Toretto because they’re bullet proof! Well, that may be a stretch, but the cables are wrapped in 1000D nylon in a ballistic weave pattern, originally developed to protect military forces from shrapnel and bullets. This heavyweight nylon is exceptionally resistant to abrasions, with an extra thick wire gauge and a robust Kevlar core. They’re tangle resistant too!

nomad ultra rugged cable in the box

A built-in high capacity battery pack charges your phone before charging its internal battery. It will save you having to lug around a portable charger. A sleek charge status light indicates both its state of charge and remaining power. As a universal cable, it comes with integrated multi-tip charging options to charge any mobile device. It’s been tested and proven compatible with all recent, current and upcoming iPhone and iPad models. Additionally, the interchangeable Micro USB and USB type C tips are compatible with all Android phones and other USB powered devices like Bluetooth headsets, portable speakers, and more. With a five year guarantee, Nomad’s ultra-rugged cables may not stop a bullet, but they will keep you charged at all times.

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nomad ultra rugged cable on the floornomad ultra rugged cable connected with phonenomad ultra rugged cable connected charging pin