Norton Core is a Router that You Can Leave Out in the Open

You probably have a router in your home and you likely keep it hidden out of sight somewhere. The reason for this is simple—most routers are terribly ugly. Think about it. There is the standard black rectangle version adorned with a bunch of blinking green lights. If you don’t have that router, maybe you have the the short chunky black box. You know the one. It has an antenna sprouting from its ugly plastic case. Routers have been designed this way for decades. Because they are not exactly stylish, most people prefer to keep them hidden out of sight. The problem with this is that its leads to weak Wi-Fi in areas where the signal does reach. Displaying your router in an open area allows it to more easily broadcast its Wi-Fi signals.

norton core secure wifi router

Norton just introduced Norton Core, an attractive router that you won’t mind displaying in a place where someone might actually see it. It features a unique geodesic shape that makes it look right at home on your desk.

Not only is the Norton Core a contemporary and stylish router, but it offers performance that matches its good looks. Using Symantec’s global intelligence network, this mobile-enabled Wi-Fi router is ready to defend your home and any device that you connect to it from viruses, malware and hackers. This is very important as more and more people are using smart technology at home. The problem is that most smart technology is vulnerable to attacks. Things like thermostats, refrigerators and TVs can be hacked. Today, cameras can be hacked and homes monitored without the homeowners knowledge and smart doors can be unlocked remotely. This is why it is more important than ever to protect all connected devices from attacks. Norton Core does just that by defending your entire home from cyber threats.

Check it out

norton core secure wifi router on filing cabinet

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