Nothing Leica Instant Gratification – Leica’s New Sofort Camera

Instant cameras must the 20th century invention with the most staying power. Despite advancements at just about every conceivable level in the technology surrounding photography since their first introduction in 1948, including the fact that anybody and everybody can now enjoy pictorial instant gratification on their mobile phone, the humble instant camera is still a favourite for many.

white color leica sofort camera front side

This is Leica’s first (and very surprising) foray into the instant camera market. The company famous for extremely high-end handmade snappers has just released what they’ve named the ‘Sofort’, by far their cheapest camera ever, landing just shy of $400 AUD. Offered up in white, mint green or orange, this a playful riff on the much loved Leica range and an affordable if not lighthearted way to call yourself a Leica owner. While it may not be the in the professionally renowned category of clickers of its peers, it definitely looks like a fun photography format and given the timing of its release, an excellent stocking filler.

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leica sofort camera lens and side view

orange color leica camera lens and side view

orange color leica sofort camera front view

mint color leica camera lens and side view

mint color leica sofort front camera view