Nura’s Headphones Making Waves Inside Your Head

Nura’s Headphones Making Waves Inside Your Head
June 14, 2016 Joe Cutcliffe

Nura’s Headphones Making Waves Inside Your Head

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Headphones that can gauge what’s going on inside your ears and customize a unique sound profile just for you? That got you listening? It may sound like the work of some futuristic Dr. Dre funded alien research organization, but Melbourne start-up Nura have developed a technology that plays sounds into your ears for 30 seconds and quickly measures the tiny waves that bounce back from (to put it bluntly) inside your head, before auto-adjusting the EQs to create a sound-spectrum that suits your perfect listening profile (something you probably didn’t even know you had, right?) – and it does it all in less than a minute.

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It can also memorise and store multiple profiles for multiple listeners, although you wouldn’t be blamed for not wanting to share headphones as sweet as these with anybody. With a few left at the early-bird price of $199 on Kickstarter at the time of writing, these bad boys will retail for $399 when they officially hit the marketplace and while there’s already a plethora of personal audio devices out there, this one is sure to give the market a bit of a shake-up.

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