Nvidia Titan V’s Performance is Graphic

The Nvidia Titan V claims to be the most powerful graphics card ever created for PC. Given its capabilities, they just might be right.

The Titan V uses the NVIDIA Volta, which has 640 Tensor Cores. What does that mean? The Volta is capable of 100 teraflops per second of deep learning performance—that’s a five times increase over the prior generation. NVIDIA paired those cores with NVIDIA CUDA to deliver a powerful artificial intelligence. Add on 21 billion transistors and 12 gb of hbm2 memory with 3D packaging technology, and the Titan V is capable of 110 teraFLOPs of performance. (What’s a teraFLOP? FLOP refers to Floating Point Operations Per Second, and is a measurement of a computer’s performance. Floating point arithmetic uses very large and very small numbers to support wider ranges of values. The “tera” prefix refers to trillion. So 110 teraFLOPs would be 110 trillion floating points of operations per second. Mind blown? Good.)

nvidia titan v a powerful artificial intelligence car

The Titan V uses a 16-phase DrMOS power supply with integrated real time current and thermal monitoring capability. A copper heatsink pulls off the heat more efficiently and more quietly than other options. The Titan V requires has one 6-pin and one 8-pin connectors for power supply, and requires 600 watts.

It’s incredible how much computers have advanced, and with components like the NVIDIA Titan V coming out, even greater advances are certainly on the way.

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