Oakley’s Radar Pace Smart Eyewear has Launched in Australia

Introducing Radar Pace – an Oakley brand innovation that merges performance eyewear with smart technology to create a real-time, voice-activated coaching system designed to improve and enhance an athlete’s training and performance. Anyone can head outside and go for a run although Radar Pace is equipped with the rich information required so that athletes of all skill levels train well. It’s the virtual equivalent of a personal trainer or coach that supports you through every step of your running and cycling training journey.

oakley s radar pace smart eyewear has speed

During your workout, Radar Pace interprets your heart rate, speed, distance, cadence and time, and then provides personalised instructions and motivations. Just because the coach is virtual doesn’t mean you can slack off. The eyewear holds you accountable to a structured and dynamic training program. With a hands-free Conversational Interface, Radar Pace helps athletes stay focused and maintain optimal training position and the Bluetooth headset allows athletes to place and receive calls and texts and listen to music while training. This revolutionary eyewear is available now from the Oakley website and select Oakley stores across the country.

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oakley s radar pace smart eyewear has distance

oakley s radar pace smart eyewear bluetooth headset



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