One Cable to Rule them All – The Native Union Belt Twin Head Cable

Like all good inventions, the Native Union BELT Twin Head Charging Cable is here to make your life easier. The twin head design means you only need to pack one cable for your travels no matter which mobile devices you carry. The BELT Cable features an integrated 2-in-1 adapter that allows you to charge both Apple Lightning and Micro-USB devices. The 2m cable length gives your device extra range so you won’t need to cower uncomfortably in the corner near the outlet while it’s charging.

native union belt twin head cable view

The BELT is constructed from quality materials so it’s resistant to wear and tear – built to last. Its native colour is called Zebra which was chosen to create a retro style that looks good In any environment, and when you’re done, the BELT wraps up neatly with its own leather belt. While BELT charges both types of devices, it does not charge them simultaneously.

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