ONEaudio – Wireless Technology That Speaks Volumes

DECT is a protocol most commonly associated with cordless phones as a way of transferring sound without audio-lag, so when ONEaudio decided to use it to make their new line of wireless speakers, ONEclassic, instead of the more common WiFi or Bluetooth protocols already prevalent in the wireless speaker market, it became clear to sound-nerds everywhere that they’d cottoned on to a pretty nifty (and it’s-so-simple-why-hadn’t-we-thought-of-that-first) idea. The set-up is very simple, they don’t need the wires of an expensive hi-fi system to deliver the same sound quality because of the DECT technology, so they are a fraction of the price.

oneaudio wireless technology speaker on shelves

Now that’s not to say they’re cheaper than other wireless systems out there, but the marketing edge ONEaudio have is the clarity these speakers offer with the simplicity of a wireless set-up. Just plug the USB dongle into your computer and away you go, they don’t even need an amplifier. Add to the mix the fact their acrylic cabinets look terrific and it’s very easy to appreciate the amount of thought and design that has gone into this simple, elegant sound system, and even easier to see how they’ve already smashed their finance goal on Kickstarter. It might be a smart move to get in early before this clever innovation is the new norm, at least to be able to say you were into DECT speakers before they were cool.

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