Open Bionics Bridge Fiction and Reality with the Deus Ex Prosthetic Arm

Eidos, the developer of the Deus Ex series, has partnered with Open Bionics to bridge the gap between fiction and reality. Deus Ex is set in a future that explores human augmentation, and this collaboration has led to the creation a prosthetic limb inspired by the game’s protagonist Adam Jensen. Eidos were motivated by members of the public who believed Adam’s prosthesis was real and attempted to buy one. The video game developer decided that if they could create an arm, they should.

The goal is to create an arm that’s affordable, functional and beautiful. Leading prosthetics can cost up to $100,000 although using emerging technologies like 3D printing, the cost can be cut to under $1000. Open Bionics plan to make the design open source for those who want to 3D-print their own at home. They have currently created a Semi functional prototype that operates through sensors placed on the skin. No intrusive surgeries are required.

fiction with the deus ex prosthetic arm

The result will be something slick that any amputee could be proud to wear. This collaboration goes to show just how bright and affordable the future of bionics is. The first arms are expected to debut in 2017. Eidos’ new game Deus Ex: Mankind Divided will be released on August 23rd for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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