OUMBRA Lets You Take Your Outdoor Theatre with You Anywhere

Why not add a little excitement and adventure to your home with an outdoor home theatre? Perfect for those warm summer nights, an outdoor theatre is great for catching the big game in your backyard, hosting kids birthday parties and watching movies under the stars with your family. Now you can even take your outdoor home theatre with you on tailgating or camping trips with the with the OUMBRA projector.

Although camping is a time for connecting with nature, it can often get pretty boring after a couple of days without any screen entertainment. Imagine how much fun it would be to set up a horror movie marathon in the dark woods. The OUMBRA projector, conceived by designer Ho Hsiang Chang, is perfect for your camping entertainment. It is the first projector of its kind that is totally portable and comes with its own integrated speakers.

oumbra projector all outside connector

To host a tailgating party in your backyard or catch the latest flicks on your camping trip, simply connect the OUMBRA projector to your smartphone. Add a portable screen and you will have everything that you need for the ultimate outdoor party. This projector features eight speakers so that you do not have to haul around external speakers with you. These integrated speakers provide high definition multi-directional audio.

The OUMBRA allows for 360-degree viewing so that it can be placed anywhere you want. It has wireless remote operation, excellent image quality and great portability. There is even a convenient handle to make carrying this projector around easy.

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oumbra projector all sound system

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