Pebble Steel

pebbel steel black watch

Pebble Steel is the latest foray into the smartwatch world with chances to become a success. Crafted with milled stainless steel for the housing, polycarbonate for the watch case and Corning Gorilla Glass protecting the face, Pebble Steel’s design is along the lines of a more traditional timepiece. Connectible via Bluetooth 4.0, the smartwatch is compatible with numerous Pebble apps. For example, there’s an app that notifies you about incoming calls, text messages and e-mails, or another one that allows you to control the music. Basically, you have access to all these functions without having to pull your phone out. Each pebble is bundled with a pair of straps including a metal and a leather to suit your needs. You can order your Pebble Steel now for $249.

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