Pebble’s Wearable Technology Time 2 and Pebble Core are Making Ripples

Pebble, the company that in 2012 launched a Kickstarter campaign to further their cause for open, hack-able wearable devices, are back to launch their three newest products that have once again set a new tone for how we see ‘wearables’. The problem most will have with wearable technology is that it is still technology, and as such comes burdened with the reality of poor battery life, poor construction that doesn’t weather the daily exposure to the elements that a Rolex will, and often sports a hefty price tag for something that does less than the phone in your pocket but isn’t quite as stylish as an Omega.

Pebble don’t see these as restrictions, however, and offer up the new ‘Pebble 2’ watches, both of which are waterproof to 30 metres, have microphones for easy voice commands and last for over a week on one charge. Time 2, the slightly higher-end version features a colour e-paper display, and because of their commitment to a hack-able platform, they now have over thirteen thousand available apps.

pebble wearable technology is available

What might be most impressive however is the Pebble Core. Made for runners, this is a tiny, screen-less device that can clip onto your clothes, connects to your cellular network and streams Spotify, tracks your steps and distance travelled and can talk to your favourite running / fitness apps. Or can do anything really, it’s hack-able. With the watches starting at $99 USD and the Core at $69 USD, Pebble are already paving the future of wearable technology one smart watch at a time.

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