Perseus is the World’s Smartest Mirror

You know what it’s like to wake up groggy and everything seems harder than it ought to. Well, Perseus is the world’s first smart mirror which will make those early mornings hell of a lot easier and also more enjoyable.

Connect the Perseus to your home WiFi and gain access to dozens of apps and widgets, then place them wherever you want on the mirror with the companion app. Stream news, weather, live traffic updates, text messages, video calls, calendars and funny animal videos all on the mirror while you get ready for work…the potential is endless.

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Perseus is open to 3rd party developers so all the major apps could be compatible before long. YouTube has been confirmed. Picture this: You just purchased an expensive new electric razor. You want to style your beard like an image you saw in a magazine. You locate a YouTube instructional video and stream it on the Perseus right before your eyes while you trim. It could save you from those awkward situations where you try and juggle the phone and what’s happening in the mirror. The Perseus is also voice activated and features speakers, remaining a truly hands-free experience.

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