petcube speakers

Some people leave the TV on when they go to work and leave their pets on their own, but let’s face it, you’ve exchanged television for Netflix a long time ago, so don’t expect Fluffy to appreciate it. Petcube may be a much better choice. The idea is pretty simple. Petcube is a small WiFi-enabled aluminum and glass cube that connects to your smartphone allowing you to remotely play with your pet when you’re away. There’s a camera that allows you to observe Fluffy, a speaker and a microphone that makes chatting possible, as well as a built-in laser for some non-sense running in circles for your cat or dog. So when you’re at work, you just take out your smartphone and play with your pet, pretending to be doing some important work stuff. Isn’t that awesome? You can preorder your Petcube for $149 with shipping slated for May 2014.

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