Philip Goolkasian Cooks up a Delicious iMac 2019 Concept

Philip Goolkasian’s iMac 2019 Concept makes a jambalaya by taking the iPad Pro, iPhone X, HomePod, Airpower, and Apple Pencil and mixing it all together to come up with a delicious composition.

iMac concept computer clear screen

Goolkasian starts with adding the breathable mesh panel from HomePod to not only provide room for a high-excursion woofer and beamforming tweeters, but to also allow for better passive ventilation to help keep the computer cool. This particular addition would make the concept the first to have multi-channel surround sound.

The iPad Pro served as the inspiration behind a new base design that includes eight connected ports. Putting the ports on the base increases accessibility—not to mention freeing up the space required for the new speakers. The power and SD also make their way down into the base. The base also serves as a wireless charging station for your Apple products, including the Apple Pencil, Airpods, Magic Keyboard, Magic Trackpad, and others.

iMac concept computer top view

Both the iPad Pro and the iPhone X feature a bezel-less display, with the screen going all the way to the edge, and that’s how Goolkasian designed his concept to be. Goolkasian also imagines the screen with FaceID as well as additional sensors to provide the support needed for biometrics, touch gestures, and AR/VR.

The concept does have a slight frame around it, but Goolkasian puts that to use, imagining extras that would go there, including a front camera, side cameras, an infrared camera, flood illuminator, and a dot projector. Even though there is a border, you won’t be losing much viewing area when you use the computer’s maximum pixel area for cinematic views. When you just want to get some work done, you can rely on the default view window.

iMac ports

If you’ve never had a proper jambalaya, then you’re missing out on one of this life’s gastronomic delights. Similarly, if you aren’t ready to beg Apple to put this concept into production, you’ll be missing out of on this life’s technologic delights.

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iMac 2019 Concept