Philips Fidelio NC1L Headphones

The Philips Fidelio NC1L on-ear headphone that launched at CES 2015 brings something new to the market. The headphones are being touted by the company to be the first ever active noise cancelling headphones to be battery free. I can already see the question mark on your forehead. Instead of using the old and trusty 3.5mm headphone jack, the Fidelio NC1L is powered by a direct digital connection to any iOS device via the Lightning connector which in turns will also deliver the sound. Philips say that 24bit digital to analogue conversion (DAC), amplification and noise cancellation all take place within the headphones themselves. The headphone already achieves the highest resolution rate possible from Apple’s 24bit/48kHz and if Apple steps up its game in hi-res audio, the Fidelio will be ready with room to go up to 24bit/96kHz.

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