Philips Hue Play Adds Mood Lighting to Home Theatres

This smart system is called Philips Hue Play, and it brings mood lighting to your living room or gaming setup. The discreet LEDs are designed to enhance entertainment as reactive lighting fires the colours from a TV or monitor across the entire room.

The doom and gloom of monster-ridden horror films can drown the room in dark, atmospheric blues and purples, while a football match could stretch vivid greens from wall-to-wall. Either lying flat of standing upright, Philips Hue Play offers the flexibility for users to be creative with their room design.

There are 16 million colours for crafting unique lighting recipes or users can select from a range of pre-created scenes to produce the appropriate look and feel. Philips Hue Play LED light bars are easy to install with a full accessory kit included for mounting to the rear of a TV or monitor for a more discreet setup.

philips hue play smart lighting

Log into the Hue app on a phone or tablet, and Hue Play can be added to an existing Philips Hue Smart lighting ecosystem.

When gamers connect Hue Play to the Philips Hue Sync app, the in-game effects of a PC or Mac are translated into immediate light script. No matter what game, the experience is automatically deepened. For example, within first-person shooters, the rapid-fire LED visuals respond to in-game fire control, explosions and ambient effects to bring a gaming setup to life.

Additionally, anyone using Razer’s range of Chroma mice, keyboards and pads can download software to integrate a Hue lighting system and match the Chroma effects.

philips hue play gaming setup

Philips Hue Play is available as either a single LED light Bar or double pack. An extension pack can also be purchased to expand a lighting system further. The kits come with a power supply and accessories for mounting to a TV or other furniture as well as bases so each light bar can free stand.

Each Hue Play bar delivers 530 lumens over a distance measuring 253.3mm long by 44.3mm deep x 35.8mm width.

Whether it’s a film, game or friends over for dinner, Philips Hue Play should help create the right atmosphere to suit every mood.

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philips hue play smart light system