Philips M1X-DJ System

If you have ever considered yourself somewhat of a music aficionado but end up looking more like a wedding DJ when you hit the decks, the M1X-DJ System may be the piece of tech to restore your street cred. Made by Philips in partnership with the worlds’ most successful DJ Armin Van Burin, the M1X-DJ is a music sharing, mixing and playing portable device which is compatible with your iPad, iPhone5 and winner of the Apple Design Awards, djay 2 app from Algoriddim. Van Burin likens the M1X to the ghetto blaster; the ultimate street music maker. This is no double tape deck though. The 80 watt speakers along with two professional grade platters, cross faders and controls gives amateur and more seasoned DJs the ability to tailor the equipment to their skills and sound. The Bluetooth connectivity means you do not need to buy any accompanying equipment and can keep any tracks you have already been working on. Van Burin states that he wanted to create kit that could be used by anybody, anywhere. Get ready to disturb the peace. €399 Euro