Piaggio Fast Forward’s Personal Cargo Robot ‘Gita’ Is Amazing

Don’t feel like lugging heavy grocery bags several blocks home from the grocery store? If so, then Piaggio’s Fast-Forward ‘Gita’ Personal Cargo Robot might be the answer to your problems.

piaggio fast cargo robot gita focused technology

Vespa, the company that makes electric scooters, recently developed Gita, a personal cargo robot that can haul your things for you. Vespa owns the company Piaggio Fast Forward, which develops robot-focused technology. Gita is the company’s first product.

Gita means “short trip” in Italian. This personal cargo robot is pretty impressive. She can haul up to 18 kg independently if the environment is mapped out. You simply unlock a top lid and throw anything from laundry to groceries inside. Gita is equipped with a camera and 3D mapping technology to help her navigate.

piaggio fast cargo robot gita use travel guide

This blue ball-shaped robot travels up to 35 km/h, which is fast enough to keep up with you if you are riding a bike. Piaggio Fast Forward engineered Gita to move like a human moves. She can navigate the sidewalks with human agility thanks to a zero turning radius.

piaggio fast cargo robot gita human moves

There are two modes of operation that Gita can operate in—follow and autonomous. In the follow mode, this personal cargo robot learns how to navigate spaces by following you. She creates a 3D map of her surroundings as she travels. In autonomous mode, Gita can move completely autonomously between points. She detects and avoids obstacles using 3D maps. Gita can even form a convoy with other Gitas.

Just think about how much more free you would be if you had a personal robot to lug heavy things around for you.

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