Pioneer DJ HDJ-700-N

Whether you are a professional on the turntable, or an amateur mixer, the Pioneer DJ HDJ-700-N are a safe bet if you want reliable and affordable audio head gear. These headphones are engineered to produce strong low and mid-level frequencies, delivering clear and crisp sounds to your ears. These headphones aren’t massive chunks of metal on your head, and are made from lightweight aluminium with a sleek design, making you look and feel professional. The HDJ-700s have narrow ear pads, and 40 mm driver units which give the headphones great insulation and lets it provide a powerful bass. The headphones are kept together by a stainless steel headband, and allows for two interchangeable cords, which prolongs the life of the headphones. The ear cups are made from polyurethane, a soft but textured material which allows for comfort during long DJ sessions without slippage. The stand out feature is the 60 degree right ear cup rotation, which allows you to listen to your audience while pumping out beats with ease.

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pioneer dj hdj 700 n headphone smart feature
pioneer dj hdj 700 n headphone 3d style