Playcade Retro Arcade Brings Back Old School Gaming

If you were around in the heady bygone days of the mighty video arcade, and you have a pulse- then you have no doubt often wished for years that a subtable replacement for home use would finally be invented. Sure, you could go out and buy an old fashioned stand up PacMan game– but you’ve got modern standards that must be reckoned with. After all, you got tired of your Playstation2 years ago.

Enter the Playcade! This tall drink of water is here to transform your old fashioned sit down carpet-rot inducing console system into an arcade style gaming cabinet experience that incorporates your favorite gaming system. Intrigued? You’re damned right you are.

The Playcade has all the accessories from big traditional arcade buttons to slap, and a great honking joy stick to yank about. There’s even some decorative coin slots, so you can trick your friends into giving you free change. (Don’t, though. That’s stealing.)

And even though it stands up nicely, just like in the old days, it’s not too big and bulky to use in an average sized home. It comes with everything you need to put it together

It works with PCs, consoles, and laptops. The dashboard is sturdy and solid, so you don’t need to give it the ginger treatment. Play like you mean it with the Playcade. It takes just under an hour to assemble and can be yours and yours alone for $507 for the full cabinet, and $307 for the non-full cabinet. Pwn it Today.

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