Please Walk My Way – PROSUS by Manuel Hess and Steffen Weiss

In today’s world, walkers have the stigma of being outdated and boring. One of the designers of this state of the art invention that will be shortly introduce stated, “a walker doesn’t have to look like a disease itself.” He created a modern walker labelled as the PROSUS, that blows that stigma out of the water.

the prosus has built in led

It took inspiration from sport bikes and modern furniture, where it has made a walker looks extremely cool. Something that is extremely unlikely to be used to describe walkers these days. You can’t have a design that is modernised without the advanced technological features. So, the PROSUS has built-in LED safety lights to offer enhanced visibility.

the prosus brake controls

The upright position of the handles ensures than users have better body posture. And the brake controls are shrewdly placed in the handles and only need a twist rather than a grip pull for increased safety.

Check it out

the prosus google map

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