Plume is Intelligent WiFi

Plume aims to make routers obsolete. Let’s face it; routers aren’t that great. Their connection either drops mid-way through a streaming movie or their range doesn’t extend to the far reaches of your home. Plume is a series of small pods that move the router into the cloud. Simply count the number of rooms in your home and connect one pod to a power socket in each room for total coverage. Plume adapts in real-time to the devices and habits in your home. The pods can recognise which devices require the most bandwidth and allocate it accordingly. Plume is intelligent WiFi.

plume aims to make routers obsolete

The pods are small, beautiful, and if you choose, inconspicuous. You can finally do away with the eyesore that is the router. Plume can be set up in minutes. A companion app lets you check in on the quality of your broadband connection, manage your devices and allow guest access. There’s no longer the need to worry about the neighbours stealing your precious data. Plume is affordable and currently available for preorder. The pods come in your choice of colours, champagne, silver or onyx.

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