Potential Achieved with the Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor

Speaking of the Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor, company founder and CEO Batuhan Okur explains that the device is all about “helping athletes achieve their full potential.” Using your phones camera and GPS tracking, and combining it with radar, the portable unit records data about your swing and then plots where your shots land.

Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor

“It’s not only going to tell you the distance,” says Okur, “it’s going to show you the bands of consistency so you can see are you more consistent with your distances with the 8 iron than your 6 iron or your pitching wedge. What we’re doing is turning your phone into a launch monitor. Rapsodo is already known for creating a swing tracking device as well motion capture analysis tools that major league baseball pitchers and hitters have used to improve their games. Using that baseball background as well as the experience gained by creating the SkyTrak launch monitor, Rapsodo has created the Mobile Launch Monitor (MLM). The MLM tracks ball velocity, smash factor, launch angle, trajectory height, and distance. It also produces a video with tracer lines to show where your ball went—straight, or to the right or left.

Rapsodo Launch Monitor

“The video and tracer lines are really quite important because not even the teacher always sees the ball flight as a 4,000, 5,000, 6,000, 7,000 kind of rpm number,” says Okur. “But he does see what the spin axis is in terms of slice or a hook or a small fade or draw. He basically is seeing how well a player does or doesn’t control the ball. As a teacher, I can pick out the top 10 percent of the shots and I can tell you and show you what worked vs. what you’re doing now and why it’s not working. If you learn to compare against your good shots, suddenly you’ll have an epiphany about what works.

Mobile Launch Monitor

The MLM uses high-level 224ghz radar and can automatically recognize what club you’re using. It comes with a carrying case, a USB charging cable, and has a 10-hour rechargeable battery. It’s available through Rapsodo for $499.99.

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