For More Power get the Porsche Design 911 GT3 Soundbar

This is something for those who see more than just four wheels and a driver’s seat, more than just a frame and means of getting from A to B. This is for those who see art in motion, the poetry of the engineer, and who delight in the man-made. Porsche Design now introduces the 911 Soundbar, this beauty will elevate the sounds of a sports car to new heights. In short, the soothing purr you know and love will now have more power, more rumble to satisfy what your ears are craving. It takes the functions of the rear silencer and twin exhaust and makes them harder, resonating deeper and increasing the audio experience. Other product features include 200 watt output, bass and treble control, LED display, wireless audio transmission and surround sound. But you probably didn’t really need to know that, or about the other perks, to already be sold on this one.

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for more power get the porsche design soundbar