Power Up on the Go With Anker PowerHouse

The Powerhouse is brought to us by Anker, a trailblazing technology company with a slew of killer products and an avid customer base. Their latest idea: use a lithium-ion battery to create the most compact and lightest portable generator to ever hit the market. And so it was built.

With a healthy supply of 400Wh at your disposal you can use the Powerhouse to power lights or computers or even mini-fridges, or you can save it for emergencies only on those journeys where off the grid means off the grid. Some other quick features: triple output modes, car socket, AC outlet, 4 USB ports, a slew of safety features and an 18-month warranty.

anker powerhouse front

The folks at Anker are skewing toward the modern-day adventurer in his many forms and glories, meaning the kind of guy who loves taking long road trips but also the kind of guy who takes a few days to go into the wilderness and just unplugs from the world for a while. But these are still modern times and there’s no harm in bringing some domestic amenities with us into the wild, or simply keeping a power source on hand in case something drastic occurs. However you decide to use the Powerhouse, it’s now easier than ever before to keep a generator on hand for all your many adventures.

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