Press Record And Give it Hell – The Olympus TG-Tracker

With an already strong foot-hold in the competitive camera market, it’s refreshing to see that Olympus are still finding ways to improve the way we capture film and images. The TG-Tracker is proof that these guys know how to stay one step-ahead, especially with the growing demand for cameras that can take a beating in the great outdoors. And take a beating the TG-Tracker does, this little beauty is ready for literally whatever comes its way. Drop-proof for skateboarding, freeze-proof for snowboarding, it films ultra-HD 4k video underwater up to 30 metres down and has an LED headlamp and tilt-monitor to make sure you never miss the perfect shot, no matter what your conditions.

olympus tg-tracker led headlamp and tilt monitor

All of this sounds great, but what makes it so revolutionary is that it does it all without any extra protective casing (which can be annoying, cumbersome and not to mention an extra expense.) It’s instantly your travel-buddy for all of these adventures the moment it comes out of the box, meaning you’re not struggling to press buttons through plastic or relying on an after-market product to protect your investment. Pair all of that with the fact it has GPS and Wi-Fi built in for easy-sharing and you’ve got one tough mother of a video camera.

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