Quantum Leap – Samsung Quantum Dot Curved Monitor

Unveiled at CES 2017, Samsung’s new CH7111 Quantum Dot Curved Monitor wants to give you the most immersive experience possible outside of VR. The CH7111 was made by tech-heads for tech-heads–gamers in particular–and that means unforgettable resolution, the utmost flexibility, dreamy curvature and ultrawide viewing angles that allow consistent visibility no matter where you might be standing or sitting.

samsung quantum dot curved monitor with white stand

The CH7111 is part of a broader range of new Quantum Dot Curved Monitors from Samsung. The other two go by the names CFG70 and CF791 and like the CH7111 they were featured at CES 2017. All three monitors use Quantum Dot picture technology and ergonomic designs to deliver users a top-shelf experience. The CFG70 is aimed directly at hardcore gamers and loaded with features such as ‘Gaming UX’ and optimised picture presentation for nearly every genre. Meanwhile, the CF791 is the more professional among the three, targeting those who work and play in equal measure with advanced ergonomics and things like Picture-in-Picture technology, where users can position content anywhere on the screen with no loss in quality whatsoever.

samsung quantum dot curved monitor view with men

If CES was big on one thing it was optimised displays and uncluttered, sleek designs. Samsung’s latest easily contends if not triumphs in the ongoing battle over which brand will truly deliver the most sophisticated viewing experience. Check them out and immerse yourself.

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samsung quantum dot curved monitor dual display

samsung quantum dot curved monitor display samsung quantum dot curved monitor front and back

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