Rastaman Vibrations – House of Marley Stir It Up Turntable

House of Marley put all kinds of passion into their newest sustainable offering: the Stir It Up Turntable. For starters, the eco-conscious audio brand has a tremendous respect for the cosy analogue warmth that only vinyl can deliver. To ensure that the Stir It Up keeps your eardrums nice and toasty they’ve equipped it with a replaceable Audio-Technical MM cartridge for enhanced tonal distortion. Pair that with a first pressing of Catch a Fire (a true first pressing with the amazing Zippo cover that is) and you can simply drift away on a euphoric wave of uplifting reggae vibes.

house of marley stir turntable front side

In keeping with Bob Marley’s activist and enlightened spirit, House of Marley went the eco-friendly route with the Stir It Up, using sustainable materials like bamboo plinth for the base and recyclable aluminium alloy for the platter. They also utilized RegrindTM and RewindTM, which are composed of hemp, organic cotton and recycled plastic. Such measures are par for the course when it comes to House of Marley–they always create products with the utmost sustainability in mind.

house of marley stir turntable side view

To round out the tri-fecta of awesomeness, the Stir It Up looks damn good and encourages modern day usability. There’s a built-in preamp for compatibility with any House of Marley speaker, a Universal AC adapter, and a USB port for music transfer and recording. House of Marley covered all the bases in style with their latest effort. The only thing they didn’t think of was a free spliff with every purchase–for that you’re on your own.

house of marley stir turntable in packet