Razer’s Project Valerie Has a Triple Screen 12K Display

Whether you are an extreme gamer, a serious workaholic or just love having the ability to multi-multi-task, the Razer Project Valerie is the perfect addition to your man cave or office- and the very first of its kind.

razer project valerie triple screen 12k display laptop

Powered by NVIDIA’s G-Sync monitor technology, the triple-screen laptop offers a sharp resolution display of 11520×2160. The additional screens easily slide in out from the sides of the main monitor and are locked into place during use. The multi-functional screens provide the ability to use them independently and be a multi-tasking bad ass, or to use it as one expansive 12K screen for gaming (4K per screen), movie viewing and much more.

razer project valerie triple screen 12k display screen

The monitors themselves are no slackers in visual quality and can handle the full spectrum of Adobe RGB color space, as well as a variety of video creation and editing tools and software. While this is no basic laptop, Project Valerie still can function like one when you need to game on the run. The laptop easily folds to fit and travel like other 17” screen laptops, weighing in at just around 12 lbs and fitting into a basic sized laptop bag.

Check it out

razer project valerie triple screen 12k display folding

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