Reinventing the Original Polaroid with Impossible Project’s I-1 Analog Instant Camera

The original instant camera reinvented. If you’re still got some shopping to do this Christmas, the guys at Impossible Project may be able to help you out. As a Polaroid user myself, this made me sit up. The innovative ring flash provides a diffused light that’s perfect for portraits, while its companion app for iOS & Android gives users access to fun creative tools such as light paint, remote trigger, self-timer, noise trigger and double exposure.

reinventing polaroid project’s i-1 camera front side

There is also full manual control over shutter speed and aperture. It’s the only new camera for the original Polaroid format. The Impossible Project’s New Instant Camera makes the old school format feel new again. The fact that it is super user-friendly, anyone can use this, even the most amateur photo taker. Instant photography has never looked better before until now.

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