Release Your Dad’s Inner Child & Win a Sphero for Father’s Day

I got to admit, I like living in this day and age. The old saying of men is still boys, it’s only the toys that gets more expensive is still true today. The Sphero is one of those toys. Not just for dad, but form mom, the kids, even for the dog, the Sphero brings a ball to live. It’s controlled by your smartphone or tablet and can be made to roll in any direction, change colours, follow you like a dog and even assist in some game play. It is also waterproof so don’t fear if you accidently drop it in the pool.


To celebrate Father’s Day here in Australia, we’re giving away two sets of the Sphero with a Nubby cover for each to two lucky Man of Many readers (one set each). To enter, simply follow the instructions in the window below:

Win a Sphero & Nubby Case