To the Rescue – the Windhorse Pouncer Aid Relief Drone Come

Traditionally, drones began as weapons of war. However, in the modern world, they have evolved in their usability. Drones serve a variety of functions such as aerial photography and cargo delivery. The Windhorse Pouncer Aid Relief Drone serves another function, which is a delivery vehicle for humanitarian missions.

windhorse pouncer aid relief drone fly

As a futuristic alternative to military planes dropping aid packages using parachutes, this drone can fly autonomously whilst carrying the required aid, and then land on a 25-foot target. An interesting feature of this drone is the disposability. The drone can carry up to 50kg of supplies, which should be enough for food, beverages and medicine. After landing, people can take the payload, where the drone can be stripped down, and its pre-formed shell can be used as shelter and the frame is served as fuel for fire.

windhorse pouncer aid relief drone top view

When operating, the drone can be launched from a plane 21 miles from the disaster location, with a maximum release height of 25,000 feet. Other features of this innovative machinery include dihedral winglets for stability, a clipped delta shape for improved range and a wingspan of 9.8 feet. This newest addition to the expanding drone family is priced at $820. The future of aid delivery is here.

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