Return of The Mac – Colorware’s New Old Apple Laptop

There was a time, you may not remember (or you may remember all-too well) before sleek, neutral metallic tones were in, even before outrageous colour options were a thing, when the humble Apple Macintosh was a distinctly drab coloured-box with a small multi-coloured piece of fruit on it, that would sit proudly as a single unit on your desk and, when powered up, would make a sound no onomatopoeic word could quite convey (although my vote would be for DURNGH).

apple macbook colorware laptop side view

Fast forward to 2016 and Apple are one of the largest companies in the world, favoured by creatives and corporate types alike, and as a side-note, pretty much everybody has Apple’s smartphone in their pocket. But the guys at Colorware do remember the good old days, and have created a 12” MacBook with a little retro flair to remind the rest of us. Using the Apple Macintosh IIe as an inspiration, they’ve managed to bring the look of the colourful apple logo back to life (this one even lights up) and finished it in the classic ‘putty’ colour of the Apples of old. Add to that the faux vents up the side and you’ve got yourself one damn cool laptop that will impress everybody over the age of thirty-two in your office.

Check it out