Ricoh GR II Premium Kit

By itself, the Ricoh GR II may look like a simple camera. While certainly not as fancy as a DSLR, the Ricoh GR II is still an extremely good value digital camera that is full-featured, responsive and portable. However, to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the first digital camera version of the Ricoh GR camera, Ricoh has launched a Ricoh GR II premium kit. Besides the camera itself, the kit comes with a GV-1 external viewfinder, GW-3 Wide-angle conversion lens, a GC-6 leather camera jacket with a matching GS-3 neck strap, 3 different coloured ring caps and a commemorative GR DIGITAL 10th Anniversary pin badge, all in an aluminum case. For the camera enthusiast who doesn’t want a massive chunk of metal weighing their neck down, and have to carry an additional lens bag, this set is for you. With a limited release of 1200 units, the Ricoh GR II premium kit comes in at £1000.

 ricoh gr ii premium kit front side view