Right At Home – HP Pavilion Wave

When the original iMac launched in 1998, it revolutionised the way we looked at desktop computing. Now, the HP Pavilion Wave is taking Apple’s design ethos to the next level – designing a personal computer that looks more at home on the lounge room shelf than it does under an office desk.

hp pavilion wave women working

The Pavilion Wave promises an 85 per cent reduction in tower size, with a groovy triangular, patterned fabric exterior that’s more homeware than desktop computer. Inside you have the option of up to 16GB in RAM, 2TB in storage, a AMD R9 470M graphics card and the latest Intel 6th generation processors. HP have also included the ability for media streaming and Bluetooth connectivity, as well as 4K monitor compatibility.

hp pavilion wave on the rack

It’s also the first HP tower with a built-in speaker, promising top-notch 360-degree sound thanks to a collaboration with B&O PLAY. The Pavilion Wave also comes equipped with Windows 10 and Cortana, Microsoft’s virtual assistant software. International pricing hasn’t been announced yet, but it’s currently listed at $US529.

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