Who’s a Good Bot? The Sony AIBO

Man’s best friend is getting updated. In May of 1999, Sony introduced the AIBO line (Artificial Intelligence robot). “Aibo” is the Japanese word for friend or companion, and that’s exactly what the aibo is. Built in the form of man’s best friend, this robot is surprisingly capable and entertaining.

The current iteration of the aibo is sophisticated enough to actually change its body temperature. Its eyes are capable of showing a range of emotions, and the aibo can be trained to perform different tricks. Perhaps most impressive, however, is the aibo’s ability to learn. Out of the box, this robotic dog is basically a puppy. Through interactions with you and its environment, this robot “matures,” developing a personality all its own. It will learn its surroundings and, because of its ability to learn and recognize faces, the aibo will develop a relationship with its owners.

who a good bot the sony aibo

Each generation of the aibo has improved on the previous. The first aibo came equipped with a 64-bit RISC processor, 16megabytes of RAM, sensors (touch, camera, range-finder, microphone, acceleration, and angular velocity), a speaker, and actuators for the legs, neck, mouth, and tail. More sensors have since been added, as well as Wi-Fi capability and Cloud storage. You can even browse aibo’s memories as it records its daily activities.

So, if you want to get ready for the robot apocalypse, you just might want to learn more about this impressive little friend.

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