Rockin’ Back Into Your Childhood – Rockin’ Moto by Next of Kin Creatives

The designers at Next of Kin Creatives released a private collection that was based on provoking childhood memories of toys by transforming them into objects. One of the pieces of art within the collection is The Rockin’ Moto. It was inspired by the 70’s café racers and vintage scooters that remain roving around in contemporary culture and fashion.

rockin moto black

Using the equestrian race horse as a foundation, the low drop handle bars showcases an aggressive racing angle which allows a tuck-in posture for better control. The collection was selected to represent Singapore in the 2013 Milan furniture fair where visitors were treated to flashbacks of their younger days. For those who love to splurge on exotic pieces of artwork, unfortunately, there is no availability or pricing on this collection, which indicates their intention to keep these, but sometimes money talks, so never say never. Bring back your inner child!

rockin moto sketch