Safer Living – The Cardinal Security Drone

Drones can be used for significantly more constructive purposes than spying on your neighbours. Had you considered home security? It’s certainly the purpose of Cardinal, a drone that monitors your home to safeguard you and your family against intrusion. The Cardinal is also the world’s first autonomous remote surveillance drone for the home. Cardinal is self-sufficient with smart recognition making it one of the best remote surveillance cameras on the market.

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The Cardinal captures full HD video in 1080p resolution on three axes of stabilisation. Its 14-megapixel camera will capture a better image than Apple and Samsung’s flagship phones. Cardinal is first person view compatible with near infrared vision illuminated by IR LEDs to see at night. A full charge will see 20 minutes of fly time, but only 2 minutes are needed for a full sweep of your home.

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Cardinal is incredibly easy to set up. Just connect it to your smartphone, enable autonomous mode and you’re ready to go. It’s suitable for keeping an eye on your home, while you’re there and while you’re away. Home security systems have never been this simple. You can pre- order Cardinal now.

(Man of Many does not condone spying on your neighbours).