Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ Review

So this isn’t going to be a normal review where I list off every feature and detail of the new Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ (and I know that’s an absolutely mouthful to say when someone asks what phone you have!). This is more going to be an outline of my initial thoughts on the phone after using it for three weeks as my daily driver. Full disclosure, I’ve always been a massive Samsung and Android fan ever since I switches over from the iPhone 4 so I’m not really going to be comparing it with it’s main competitor in the space either. Comparisons will largely be made between this and the Note 4 which was my previous phone. I think this is fair as they both fall into the ‘phablet’ category and also run on largely the same operating system.

The Great

The Speed

samsung galaxy s6 1

It might sound silly, but the thing I like most, above all the new-fangled gizmo’s and gadgets they’ve thrown into this phone, is the speed. It’s crisp, it’s smooth and it does what you want, when you want. If you open up the menu to switch between apps it does this almost instantly. I was already coming from a pretty powerful phone in the Samsung Note 4 previously and the difference in speed is very noticeable. This is in large part thanks to the updated Octa-Core 2.1 GHz CPU which is the same one that can be found in the standard size Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge (not the Edge+ in case you’re already getting confused).

samsung galaxy s6 fingerprint sensor

Adding to the ‘feel’ of speed I guess is the newly improved fingerprint sensor which now requires just a touch rather than a swipe as was the case in the Note 4.

The Looks

samsung galaxy s6  front look

The second best thing about this phone is its looks. The screen is absolutely redunkulous at 5.7 inches, being Quad-HD with 2560×1440 resolution and a pixel density of 529 ppi (a little less than the 576 in the Galaxy S6). Colours look vibrant and clear in all lighting conditions with Super AMOLED that can harness up to 16 million colours.

samsung galaxy s6 side view

It’s not just the screen though. The curved edges on the phone make this phone a real eye catcher for people. Be expecting to get plenty of comments on how cool it is (shortly followed up by a question on what you use it for, which we’ll get to later). I thought that watching videos or youtube on the curved edge screen would be a bit of an issue but it’s proven fine for now.

compare samsung galaxy s6 with others

Compared with the plastic removable back of the Note 4, this phone is gorgeous. The back may no-longer be removable but with the new sealed design, it’s aligning itself with its smaller brethren with a metal and glass rear case and chassis (the Edge+ is on the left in the photo above).

The Camera

samsung galaxy s6 back view

The 16-megapixel camera is next-level. As in by far the best camera on a smartphone I’ve ever seen. With the lights of LG knocking at their door in terms of smartphone picture quality, Samsung have stepped up their game.

The Getting Used To

The Speaker

samsung galaxy s6 live youtube view

There’s only one speaker on the bottom right edge of the phone and while it’s plenty loud for watching youtube in bed with easy. If you hold your phone in landscape mode, my fingers will often accidentally cover it up. Not usually a bit deal but it’s very noticeable how much this can mute the sound. It’s an easy fix however with repositioning my hands slightly.

The Headphone Jack

samsung galaxy s6 headphone jack

Again not a major issue but the headphone jack has moved from the top of the phone to the bottom. If you ever use an armband for running this becomes a bit of an issue as you have to place your phone in upside down now. But something I’m not used to.

The Case

samsung galaxy s6 3

While the glass and metal case looks amazing and feels incredibly light in your hands, it tends to get a little dirty from fingerprints. With the screen on, it’s barely noticeable but the back of the phone will look a little ‘dirty’ shall we say unless you give it a good wipe down. The new materials also make the phone feel a little more slippery in your hands versus the plastic and rubber of the Note 4, so be careful how you hold it with all that glass!

The Edge

samsung galaxy s6 design edge

The edge itself means that the phone feels very slim in your hands. At first I wasn’t the biggest fan as I found myself pumping the edge of the screen with my hands as I type and pressing the wrong keys. You get used to this pretty quickly and I’m not making the same issues.

galaxy s6 edge charging desktop

And the question everyone always asks, what do you use it for? The honest answer for me, is nothing. The Edge just looks cool. So unless this is really important to you, I’d recommend getting the Note 5. But if you do wish to use the Edge features it includes things like Edge Lighting (displaying a certain colour for your favourite contacts when they call if the phone is placed screen down), quick access to your favourite contacts or apps, Information Screen (which is basically a mini rss reader you access by swiping your finger along the edge while the screen is off) and a night clock to display the time on your nightstand.


samsung galaxy s6 edge power

Overall, as a larger version of Samsung’s flagship phone in the S6, if you’re looking for a larger screen size this is likely one of the best phones on the market. Just have a think about whether or not you’d like to use the Edge features, have a phone that looks hella dope which will get you plenty of comments, or just go for the added benefit of a boring old flat screen and a pen in the Note 5.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+