Samsung Series 9 – 13.3-Inch Ultrabook

Gone are the days when laptops were bulky, heavy and frankly not very portable. The Samsung Series 9 13.3” Premium Ultrabook is lightweight, minimalist and has a edge that is 0.5” thin. The Series 9 includes a 13.3” super bright plus display with HD+ technology, a 4GB system memory and 128GB solid state drive. It’s powered by ‘a third-generation, low voltage Intel Core i5 dual-core processor’ which gives you groundbreaking digital media management, ‘content creation, and 3D gaming capabilities’. The Microsoft Windows 8 operating system is already installed; the only thing that’s missing is an integrated optical disc drive – but these days, who needs one? With nine hours of battery life, this sleek Ultrabook is a convenient way to work or play. US$1,299.99

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