Samsung’s Gear S3 Smartwatch Sets New Standards in Wearable Technology

The Samsung Gear S3 bridges the gap between classic watch design and the most advanced wearable technology Samsung has ever created. The Gear S3 supports both the demands of urban and adventurous lifestyles while retaining the tradition of the contemporary timepiece and its aesthetics. As a smartwatch, you have access to your apps simply by rotating the watches’ circular bezel. The Gear S3’s intuitive interface makes navigating content and apps an incredibly simple experience. The 16-megapixel full-colour ‘Always on Display’ shows the time rather than automatically fading to black or even resembling a smartwatch display. The Gear S3 display offers a sophisticated watch face that mimics the look and feel of a luxury analogue watch.

casey neistat samsung s3 smartwatch

The Gear S3’s signature rotating bezel has been enhanced with an array of new features. Without even touching the screen, users can accept or reject calls and ‘snooze’ an alarm. Also, by writing on the watch display, messages will automatically convert to text to create short reminders and to-do lists, perfect for those pushing to keep their hectic schedules. Additionally, the bezel offers quick access to apps such as the built-in GPS, health and fitness tracking, speaker and microphone.

samsung gear s37 classic

The GPS tracker functionality enables users to accurately monitor their daily fitness activities while the barometer and Speedometer allow users to track everything from altitude and atmospheric pressure to sudden changes in weather, distance travelled and speed. The true outdoorsman will appreciate that the Gear S3 meets IP68 standards for water resistance and offers military-grade durability.

samsung gear s36 frontier

Available in two bold designs, the Frontier and the Classic are specifically tailored to different lifestyles and environments. The Frontier features a rugged look and feel, specifically designed to provide a tough, scratch resistant and crisp display, while The Classic offers elegant styling, providing the consistency and balance of a well-crafted luxury watch. Both designs are compatible with 22mm watch bands, making it easy to personalise and match any outfit or occasion.

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